Marjorie Taylor Greene spent $92,000 of her fundraiser money on luxury ‘campaign vehicle’

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Republican Jewish laser fetishist Marjorie Taylor Greene was recently in the news for lying her way through a court hearing as to whether or not she should be allowed to run for reelection this November. Sadly, Greene will be allowed to continue her fact-free campaign for Georgia’s 14th Congressional District. This doesn’t mean that anyone, even the people in her own political party, like her.

In fact, many Republicans would rather have someone less … openly fascist. Greene so frequently blurts out what was once only spoken about in barn houses by men wearing white hoods and carrying torches that it’s hard for the more classically trained GOP politicians to work with. This has led to the kind of conservative media-leaked attacks against Greene’s campaign once only reserved for liberal opponents. Other extremists like Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina have also been subject to these recently.

The conservative Peach Pundit, started by the founders of RedState, has been combing through Greene’s FEC filings and they have discovered that her fundraising efforts have provided her with a fancy new vehicle. As the article explains, the issue isn’t simply that Greene went above and beyond in her choice for a “campaign” vehicle, it’s that the largest source of her donations is “retired” folks with fixed incomes.

The damning bit seems to have been Greene’s purchase back in November of a “campaign vehicle” for $92,679.60 from Riverside Buick GMC in Cartersville, Georgia. The Peach Pundit reports that the highest-priced vehicle they could locate on the dealership’s website at the time of this story was just north of $81,000 However, if you go to GMC’s site and trick out a brand new 2022 Yukon XL 2WD SLT with some chrome wheels, throw in the SLT Premium Package that includes the panoramic power sunroof, add a Chrome hood protector, upgrade the exhaust system with “Cat-Back Dual Exhaust with Black Chrome Tips,” enhance your cooling radiator, add integrated trailer brake control (with upgraded breaks of course), enhance that even more with a “Cat-Back Performance Exhaust System,” and throw in a “rear seat media system,” you still fall more than $10,000 short of whatever Greene added into her luxury options.

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Considering that Georgia has higher rates than the national average of seniors living below the poverty line, it is quite a thing to watch her spend their money so freely on luxury items. This is a woman whose father made a lot of money building a construction business that itself made money off of lucrative contracts building taxpayer-subsidized low-income housing, and then she inherited it. By all researched accounts, her husband sort of took over the business and Greene has simply pretended that she is an active owner and hard-scrabble business person. Most evidence says she’s not. She’s just a rich kid who really got into Crossfit training when the fad aspect of it was at its highest.

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