QAnon theorist, Trump supporter wins Republican primary in Ohio

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Each passing day is reminding us how important elections are on every level. Despite being new to politics and having several negative press pieces about him, a Trump-supporting, QAnon-affiliated Republican won the Republican primary for Ohio’s 9th district on Tuesday. Identified as J.R. Majewski, the vocal Trump supporter not only made headlines for painting a banner across his yard in support of Trump, but also for gloating about attending the Capitol riots.

Despite his lack of experience in politics, he was able to beat his opponents for the Republican nomination, including two previously elected to the state legislature, with 36% of the vote, The New York Times reported. He will now face Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, a Democrat from Cleveland, in the general election.

According to the American Independent, Majewski has several “political liabilities.” After painting a pro-Trump mural on his lawn prior to the 2020 election Majewski bragged about attending the Capitol Riots and how he broke into the building and attacked law enforcement officials. Media Matters reported he even helped organize travel for a group of Trump supporters to Washington for the “Stop the Steal” rally that occurred moments from the attack.

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But that’s not all, of course. He is also a supporter of QAnon conspiracy theories and is not ashamed of it. During an interview with Fox & Friends about the Trump sign he painted in his yard, he wore a QAnon-supporting shirt. According to Media Matters, he also uses QAnon phrases in his social media posts, alongside hashtags affiliated with QAnon conspiracy theories, including #WWG1WGA, #thegreatawakeningworldwide, and #qanon.

The outlet added that he is closely linked to RedPill78, a well-known QAnon influencer who has been banned from multiple major social media platforms. Together, the two reportedly hosted “MAGA Meetups” online and on-site.

Majewski did attempt to distance himself from his support for QAnon when announcing his campaign, but his claims that he has “never read any QAnon drop” were debunked by Media Matters.

Under Trump, America was energy independent & dominant. Under Biden, America is dependent on foreign governments. I’ve spent my career in the energy sector, and I FUEL Patriotism! Help me stop the Radical Left from fueling our nation’s destruction ➡️

— JR Majewski for Congress (@JRMajewski) February 23, 2022

According to The Times, Majewski portrays himself as “the America First candidate” and has received support from Trump himself. His campaign website says he served in the U.S. Air Force for several years and has also had a career in the nuclear industry. Among his campaign priorities, he says he is passionately against abortion rights.

Although he identifies as a Republican, he also likes to shit on them. “The Republican Party is raunch with lifetime politicians who are spineless and seek to serve themselves and the members of their exclusive ‘club.’ We must fight to eradicate those within our party that seek to destroy it. We must hold them accountable to our Conservative principles and call them out when they cease to deliver,” a message on his website reads.

The list of red flags Majewski has are endless. Not only does he refer to himself as a Trump surrogate, but he even went as far as to make a “music video” of himself rapping “let’s go, Brandon,” a phrase Republicans were using in a sly attempt to tell Biden to go fuck himself.

this is jr majewski, who just won the gop nomination for congress in ohio last night, “rapping” his verse of “let’s go brandon.” i can’t. (h/t @daveweigel)

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) May 4, 2022

After the results were announced Tuesday, Democrats noted the extreme views Majewski shares and how dangerous it would be to have him elected.

Level setting: @JRMajewski won the #OH09 GOP primary. He’s a QAnon extremist who attended the #Jan6 insurrection. He tried to bust down the back door of democracy and is now closer than ever to waltzing in through the front. We cannot let him win.

— DCCC (@dccc) May 4, 2022

Majewski is clearly not good news. Every vote in Ohio is going to count.

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