SECRET RECORDING: McCarthy Said 25th Amendment “Takes Too Long” in Newly Leaked Audio

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A new audio of GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy discussing the 25th Amendment days after the January 6 Capitol protest has leaked to two New York Times reporters.

Recall last month a secret recording of Kevin McCarthy on a call with Liz Cheney and other House Republicans, the Minority Leader told Cheney that he would counsel Trump to resign back on January 10, 2021 was leaked to MSNBC.

“I think [impeachment resolutions] will pass, and it would be my recommendation you should resign,” McCarthy said he would tell Trump before further adding, “what he did is unacceptable. Nobody can defend that and nobody should defend it.”

A new audio of McCarthy discussing the 25th Amendment with House Republicans has been leaked to the media.

“What the president did was atrocious and totally wrong. From the standpoint, we’re 12 days away – I mean the one point I’d make with Biden – if you have an impeachment and you’re stuck sitting in the senate and he needs cabinet members, he’s got Secretary of Defense, he’s got a lot of things he’s got to have moving….” McCarthy said.

McCarthy also said he wanted to reach out to Biden and have him meet with Trump.

“I do think the impeachment divides the nation further and continues the fight even greater. That’s why I want to reach out to Biden. I wanted the President to meet with Biden — that’s not going to happen,” McCarthy said.

“[The 25th Amendment] takes too long. It could go back to the House, right?” McCarthy asked his aide John Leganski.


BREAKING: In new leaked tapes, Kevin McCarthy discusses Trump’s removal under the 25th Amendment, worries that it would not be an ‘elegant solution’ because it ‘takes too long.’ McCarthy also expresses interest in speaking with Biden about the transition.

— (@MeidasTouch) May 4, 2022

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